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Why Compound Exercises Are Important

Two common dilemmas which most people face when it comes to fitness and exercise are time constraints and type of training to do. How often did you hear that a friend doesn’t have enough time to exercise or he/she doesn’t know what the best type of exercises are.

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Stair Climbing.

Everyday physical activity such as walking and stair climbing is associated with health improvements over a period of time according to scientific evidence. Stair climbing is seen as a vigorous form of activity which increases your heartbeat and burns more calories than jogging. It is easy to include stair climbing into your daily life even if you have limited time as ten minutes of stair climbing is the same as 20 minutes jogging.

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‪Dehydration‬ is usually caused by not drinking‬ enough fluid or by fluid that is lost and not replaced. One way of helping your body to stay hydrated‬ other than drinking water‬ is by regularly eating water filled foods‬, such as fruits‬ and vegetables‬.

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  Reflections of an Overweight Person

Overweight or obese persons are always fighting with different perceptions regarding their physical appearance; many times this is the reason for which they are willing to lose weight, in order to look better and find sizes in their favourite clothes. Today’s society promotes, through many channels (fashion magazines, TV shows), small sized models; which for a regular person is difficult to achieve.

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