Aspetar honours the winners of its “Step into Health” programme. Aspetar launches “Step into Health” 2015 Campaign in Malls To celebrate the Qatar National Sport Day Aspetar launches “The 5000 Steps journey” Aspetar’s Step Into Health Programme Aspetar Awards Step into Health Competition Winners - Thousands participated in the month-long Ramad... ‘Walk More…Walk the Mall’ Campaign 362 Million Steps in Three Months Aspire Zone Foundation awards winners of the ‘Step into Health’ u... In collaboration with step into health program, Hyatt Plaza launched Qatar’s first mall walking club New Step into Health Application gets Qatar Moving AZF celebrates first anniversary of ‘step into health’ by launching new phase First Arabic smartphon...
  Our 47,252 members have walked 15,858,518,356 steps (10,815,632 kilometers)
step into health by ASPIRE
step into health program is an Aspire Zone Foundation initiative designed to engage the people of Qatar in a self-managed lifelong program based on a moderate amount of daily healthy activity. The aim of the program is for you to walk 10,000 steps and more a day in a non-competitive, recreational and social way. 
Challenge yourself to walk 10,000 steps by using our new smartphone application, or pedometer, alternatively walk in Aspire Zone with designated walking routes.
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Low-fat diets were thought to be the best way to lose weight, but found to be ineffective, in part because these diets often replace fat with sugars. The best diet for losing weight is one that is healthy, balanced and good for all parts of your body, and not just for your weight control.

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Weight bearing and muscle strengthen exercises are both important for building and maintaining bone density. Weight bearing exercises include walking, jogging and most sports. Whereas, muscle strengthening exercises include weight training and functional movements. 

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  Look Down and Run - OR - Walk and Look Around

What trigged my curiosity to touch this subject was the fact that sometimes when I go to the mountain for my training routine I preferred to walk than to run. Obviously, you might turn to me and say, “You prefer walking than running because your fitness level is low”, and of course this might be used as a reasonable explanation. But, honestly my fitness level at this point is quite good and I wouldn’t use it as an excuse.

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