Nordic Walking Every Tuesday Step into health launches at Qatar Airways during National Sports day The 5000 Steps event during National sport day. Ladies Only Training at Losail International Circuit come walk, run or cycle Pink Awareness Mall Walk Hyatt plaza walking club Hyatt Plaza walking club in collaboration with SIH Saturday September, 24 Ramadan Competition Hyatt Plaza walking club in collaboration with SIH Saturday May, 28 Hyatt Plaza Walking Club Saturday 30th April
  Our 45,238 members have walked 23,903,958,389 steps (16,581,781 kilometers)
Why Compound Exercises Are Important

Two common dilemmas which most people face when it comes to fitness and exercise are time constraints and type of training to do. How often did you hear that a friend doesn’t have enough time to exercise or he/she doesn’t know what the best type of exercises are.

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Choose physical activity that is suitable for you!

Physical activity‬ is beneficial for people of all ages, young, adults and elderly. Each one of us should engage in Physical activity regularly. The variety of Physical activities are endless. Choose one that is suitable for you, your fitness level and that which you enjoy most and do it regularly.

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When you are not physically active, you higher the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and high blood cholesterol. 

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  The Healing Power of Positive Thinking

The importance of a personal touch is mounting greatly in medical care. It's no more just about medication or therapy. It's about the quality of life and how people thrive.

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